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Bamboo Cutlery 3 in 1 Wrapped Kit(Napkin)

Bamboo Cutlery 3 in 1 Wrapped Kit(Napkin)

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Bamboo Cutlery is made from 100% natural compostable and biodegradable resources, perfect for an eco-friendly lifestyle. It's harvested annually and features a smooth finish, strong and durable construction, and no unpleasant taste or smell. Plus, it's suitable for both hot and cold foods, meaning you can enjoy your meals worry-free.

Bamboo Knife + Bamboo Fork + Napkin in a printed kraft paper wrapper

SKU Number - BAMKT3

One piece of 170mm Bamboo Knife and 170mm Bamboo Fork, one piece of Napkin

Length x Width x Thickness 170x19.5x2mm/168x24x2.0mm/Napkin: 230mmx230mm

Item weight - 3.2 grams/3.0grams/1.6g

Packaging - 500 sets/carton

Case dimension - 48*24*43cm

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